Deepen your relationship with Jesus
and elevate your leadership
in order to multiply your impact.

For women in leadership who want to make an eternal impact.

Hi, I'm Andrea.

I help women deepen their relationship with Jesus in order to elevate their leadership and ultimately, to multiply their impact. I’ve been a pastor and leader in the Church and non-profit for the past decade and a half, but I keep finding that there are women all around who are searching for more tools and better mentoring to go further and faster in their calling. It’s my hope that through The Jesus Leader, you will find the resources to skip the years of struggle and take the next step in your calling. 


The Jesus Leader helps you grow through...

Leadership Development Resources

Resources to help you, and the people you lead, grow as  followers of Jesus who know your calling and the nest step to take.

The Jesus Leader Podcast

Each week, you’ll get fresh conversations about following Jesus, leadership challenges and carrying out your calling. 

Leadership Coaching

Get one-on-one coaching to help you take your leadership to the next level and maximize your impact on the lives you lead. 

Get leadership tips, discipleship resources and all sorts of juicy nuggets to help you thrive in your calling.

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The Jesus Leader exists to help you deepen your relationship with Jesus in order to elevate your leadership and multiply your impact.

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The Track to High Impact is designed to help you get clarity on your calling and build a custom plan to take action on it!