The Jesus Leader seeks to help you flourish as a disciple of Jesus and leader in your community by resourcing you to love God, love your neighbor and make disciples.

Hi, I'm Andrea.

I’m all about advancing the Kingdom of God by helping followers of Jesus walk boldly in their calling to love God, love their neighbor and make disciples. 

When I was a new pastor, I often struggled to find resources that I could relate to or community that I could call on. Frankly, being in leadership can be challenging and lonely. But it doesn’t have to be. That’s why this site is here. Through it, my goal is to serve you and provide valuable resources to help you thrive wherever God has called you.

The Jesus Leader?

Over two thousand years ago, Jesus invested Himself into twelve people. He loved them. Cared for them. Served them. Called them to deeper surrender and greater growth. In the end, He empowered them to carry His mission. And now, we carry that same mission. 
Just as He told Peter to feed His sheep, we are called to feed His sheep.
But, it’s not always easy. Sometimes, we wonder what to feed them. How to serve them. Where to lead them. 
And in reality, sheep aren’t always fun or easy to lead. So, we need resources, encouragement, training and community to continue to lead and love and serve like Jesus. As you carry the call of Christ to lead and love like Him, The Jesus Leader is here to help you thrive.

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