How To Have A Life Of Significance.

Life is so short. The older I get, and the more of it that I live, the more I realize it. You and I only get a little bit of time to make an impact, to build our businesses, to accomplish our dreams. But, here is the truth… there is more to life than these things. To really live a life that counts in the world, there are a few things that you have got to know! If you really want to have a life of joy, satisfaction and influence, get these three areas straightened out.

Whole Heart

One of the keys to make your life full, is to understand that it’s foundational that you have a whole heart. The starting point of a full life is understanding your true identity. You are made in the image of God and called by His name according to His purposes. Before you were born, He formed you. He knows all about you. The knows the dreams in your heart- because He planted them there. He knows the things you’re good at, because He put them in you. God is crazy about you. Like a good father loves His child, He loves you.

You can have a full life, no matter what season of life, business or ministry that you’re in, because God is for you. You can lead your kids, your community, your team with confidence because your heart is full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Your heart is full of those things, because if you’ve accepted Him, He has given these to you.

Whole Life

To make your life count, you’ve got to expand your vision beyond achieving your dreams. Accomplishing goals will give you some satisfaction, don’t get me wrong. But you’re going to want someone to celebrate those accomplishments with. The people you share your life with matter immensely.

If you don’t make your family and friends a priority in your life, the influence of your life will only reach so far. The place where you have the most potential for impact is close to home. Fill your life with people with whom you can laugh, cry, sit in complete silence without feeling awkward.

In the end, bringing your dream to life will allow you a sense of accomplishment. It may even give you a nest egg to leave someone. But it won’t matter if no one is gathered around your hospital bed to say goodbye. And it won’t matter if you have no one to leave that nest egg to. Live a life that matters by living a life with people that really matter.

Whole Dreams

God has given you dreams and visions for the life He wants to invite you into. Maybe it is to launch a business, or to lead in your your church or to found a non-profit. God has placed good things before you. So often, we miss out on the good things that God has set before us, however, because we forget or refuse to dream.

When we grow up, we feel the pressure to get practical. To find a steady job. To follow the crowd and do what society tells us we should. Well, I believe that today, God is inviting some of you reading this to dram again. When we forget or refuse to dream, we miss out on the full, fruitful and impactful life that God has designed for us.

You might need to take a moment to tune out the voice of your parents, your opinionated friend, the world around you and recognize that the subtle desire in your heart has been put there for a reason. Listen to your gut, girl. God made it and it just might be the key to finding a life of significance.

What do you think?

What have you done to build a life of significance? Is there anything you need to change in these three areas?

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