The One Thing You Probably Do Not Want to Do, But Need To.

Submit everything to God. I mean everything. All of your dreams, relationships, agendas. Everything. Easier said than done, right? That is because of one thing…

Submission sucks.

I know that doesn’t sound very pastoral or professional. But, can we be honest for a minute? Laying down our plans, will, desires for that of God for our life is not a simple task.

I’ve had a long struggle with submission. Frankly, every time I feel like I’ve submitted to God, He seems to bring about another opportunity for me to do it again, and again, and again. I am tired of it. But, that is the thing you and I are both called to do. If we want to follow Jesus, we follow Him in dying in submitting the whole of who we are and what we have to the Father. In fact, Jesus said that if anyone wants to follow Him, they have to die to themselves– i.e. surrender it all and submit to the Father.

Last year I gave a message about submission of Jesus to the father before going to the cross. I titled it Nevertheless He Persisted. In the face of the greatest challenge He would come against, Jesus persisted in submission. He didn’t want to! In fact, because He knew the agony that He was about to endure, scripture tells us Jesus wept earnestly. Then, He prays one of the most powerful prayers in all of scripture.

Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done.

Jesus, who is our example, submitted to the Father exactly when He didn’t want to. For me, that’s convicting because there are plenty of times that when I don’t want to submit, I don’t. I find every excuse to fight the will of God in my life. But Jesus, the only one we’re called to emulate, submits.

Aren’t you glad He did? It’s because He submitted that you and I have New Life. What might God want to do on the other side of your submission?

God has never invited you into a joint ownership over our life. He has invited you to a full, compete, absolute surrender. It’s only then that you truly find the fullness of what He has in store for you. It’s when you follow in that bold prayer of Jesus to submit to the will of the Father that you will really discover and life into the calling of God on your life.

So, what has he called you to submit to Him today? Is there something He’s called you to that you’ve been fighting for some reason? Friend, I believe God will do something in you and through you through your surrender. So, I challenge you today to follow in the example of Jesus and in the face of whatever challenge or opposition you’re against, to pray “nevertheless, not my will but yours be done.”

Take a listen to my full message here: Nevertheless He Persisted.

Nevertheless He Persisted

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