The Hard Seasons and the Nearness of God

If you’re in ministry, you know that hard seasons come. If you’re not in ministry, and you’re merely a human being, you know that hard seasons come.

It’s just part of the human experience. There are moments when we feel lost and alone. And there are moments when all signs would indicate that God has abandoned us.

Life is full of challenges.

But, the beauty is, that God has not abandoned us. For you, my friend, let me remind you that He has never left you, and He never will.

Beyond your own suffering, however, you’re probably also are all too aware of the suffering around you.

Even if life is great for you, chances are that you are ministering to one, if not many, who are suffering. This season of the year (right before Christmas) seems to reveal the glaring need all around us for the peace that is promised by our Savior.

As Christians, we live with the hope of glory and the anticipation of eternity, amidst the reality of a world that longs for it’s Savior, but doesn’t realize it. And until the return of Christ, we continue to be confronted with our need for Him.

Sorrow and suffering remind us of our need and reveal our inability to save ourselves. And when they’re viewed through the right lens, they become hooks that draw us back to the heart of God and allow us to be more deeply united with our suffering Savior.

In this episode of The Jesus Leader Podcast you’ll hear us these topics.

As Casey Culbreth shares her story, you’ll hear about the moments in her own life where she has pushed pause to wait on the Lord. And you’ll hear of suffering, and most importantly, you’ll hear again of the faithfulness of God.

Casey Culbreth will beautifully share her heart and pieces of her journey. It’s sure to inspire and challenge you.

Learn more about Casey and get in touch

You can read more from Casey on her blog. Or, you can read her Advent daily texts here. Next year the Advent series will be out as a book and church kit that you can use for your small groups or personal devotions in the Advent season.
If you’d like to reach out to Casey directly, you may do so through the following links

Or on Instagram @caseypageculbreth

Finally, check out Grace church’s website.

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Until next week, I hope you lead like Jesus.

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