The Formation of a Leader

Ashley was a teenage girl who said “why not”. She sensed God’s invitation to lead and to serve, and as she shared in this week’s episode, she thought somebody has got to do something. So she said, why not me.

She began to take steps. And one of the first was to call her older sister Amber into this vision. These two women are incredible leaders and over the past decade, they have been faithfully and courageously following God’s call on their life. Together, they lead a team of passionate women and run an organization called Across My Heart Ministries.

What We Chat About

Oh, gosh. These girls are full of passion and wisdom. So, throughout this fun conversation, we talk about some good stuff.

  • Sexual Purity
  • Holistic discipleship
  • Our Christian invitation to accountability
  • Leading as sisters
  • What they wish they knew ten years ago

Ashley and Amber authentically share their hearts and their passion for Jesus. It’s through conversations like this that we can all see the glory of God on display.

How It Will Change You

Throughout this conversation, you’ll see the incredible passion for the Lord that is cloaked in humility and gentleness. I know that it will challenge you to lead more boldly and courageously, to reflect on your habits and leadership reflexes in order to better reveal Christ and build the Kingdom.

Another thing to listen for is how formed their identities are in Christ. Before these ladies are leaders in their organization, they recognize that they’re children of God and women of worth. Friend, your formation a Christian will affect your leadership more than you know. That reality is evidenced throughout this conversation.

To lead like Jesus, you must be rooted in Jesus. If you listen to Ashley and Amber for any time at all, you’ll see that they are powerhouse leaders because their first love isn’t their organization, themselves or the people they lead. It is Jesus.

The team from Across My Heart Ministries. I know, they’re so fun.

How To Learn More

You can learn more about Across My Heart Ministries on their website or on social. You can also connect with the team to book them at your church, set up a retreat, join their online bible study or learn more about their FIRST women’s retreat.






Finally, in the show, I shared about an opportunity for you to take your next step as a disciple maker.

If you’re a disciple of Jesus, you’re called to make other disciples of Jesus. But, that can feel overwhelming. So, I want to invite you to take a look at a free resource that I’ve created to help YOU grow as a leader, get crystal clear on your calling and understand how God wants to work through your life.

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Until next time, I hope you lead like Jesus!

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