A Legacy of Faith

Vanessa Smith is a servant of God. She has been in ministry for a long time and has cultivated a deep relationship with Jesus that flows into every area of her life. Not only has she been faithfully serving, she has such a heart for God and a wealth of wisdom about ministry and leadership. In this episode, she shares about the legacy of faith that has paved the way for her and the legacy of faith she is building behind her.

Although Vanessa has had an interesting journey in ministry herself, no matter where she has served, she recognizes that others have gone before her, and that she is now able to go before others, to serve them and invite them deeper into relationship with Jesus. Throughout the entirety of this interview, you’ll hear the passion and sweet heart of Vanessa, but you’ll also hear her incredible leadership strength and resilient spirit.

While she is a minister, she also is a business owner, author and speaker. She hosts a weekly radio show called Resiliency Talks with Vanessa Smith Speaks and is about to launch her new podcast called Resilient Living with Vanessa Smith Speaks.

Yea… She’s got a lot on her plate. But, she has her priorities straight. And as Vanessa shares her heart in this episode, you’ll be able to hear that. At every turn of the conversation, she draws our hearts and attention to the goodness and faithfulness of God.

What We Chat About

In this episode, Vanessa and I cover some incredible ground including the legacy of faith we’re all a part of. This woman is full of wisdom. Here’s a few highlights of what we cover.

  • Having courage in hard times
  • Not being held back by the opinions of others
  • Allowing God to prepare you for what He has called you to
  • Being a servant leader
  • Developing a rich relationship with the Lord
  • The example of Faith before you and being and example for those behind you

How It Will Challenge You

As you listen, you’ll be challenged to think back over those who have paved the way for you. You might even be prompted to reach out and thank them. I believe that you’ll also be challenged to think about those that you’re paving the way for.

We are all called to raise up disciples. Who are you developing in their faith? If you can’t name one or more people, I challenge you to pause and think about changing that.

You’ll also be challenged as you listen to deepen your relationship with the Lord. As Vanessa displays so beautifully for us, the way to make a lasting impact in the world is to have a rich relationship with Jesus. If you don’t, what are you waiting for?

How To Learn More

Vanessa would love to connect with you. There are several ways that you can reach her.




I also want to remind you that Vanessa is about to launch her own podcast. It’s called Resilient Living with Vanessa Smith Speaks. I know it’s going to be a blessing to us all. So, stay tuned for when Vanessa announces it’s release!

Finally, I mentioned a resource that I’m very excited to share with you. It’s the Discipleship Journey. It is an online coaching community where you’ll receive tools, teaching and community to push you faster and further into fun and healthy disciple making. The first cohort will launch in March. So, I’d love for you to get on the waiting list to learn more before it launches. You can hop on the list, here.

Until next week, I hope that you’ll continue to lead like Jesus. And in the meantime, I’d love to hear from you either in the comments or on Instagram or Facebook. You can find me @thejesusleader

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