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If I asked you if you were a missionary, what would you say? I’m not just talking about missions in a foreign country. You and I both have the opportunity to live as everyday missionaries in our homes, neighborhoods, workplace, etc. In fact, we’re called by Jesus to join Him in His mission to seek and save the lost by going into all the world and making disciples.

Jeremy Fulda and his family have recently returned from serving as full-time missionaries in Taiwan. Now, he serves as Global Outreach Director in the local church. In this episode, Jeremy shares about some of the most challenging experiences he has faced on the mission field and how that translates to those of us who are aiming to live as everyday missionaries in our home, neighborhood or workplace.

Whether you serve in vocational ministry or are simply aiming to live a life on mission, this conversation with Jeremy will be encouraging and practical.

What We Chat About

As Jeremy shares his story, you’ll find yourself identifying with much of what he addresses. There are moments in life and ministry when our identity is challenged. Or when we have to learn to receive instead of just giving. Or, when we simply consider giving it all up.

In this episode, Jeremy and I will cover these things and so much more. You’ll hear this honest conversation and will be reminded that even in the challenging moments of ministry, God is still working all things for the good of those who love Him.

Jeremy also brings up the BELLS model by Michael Frost. This comes from Michael’s book called Surprise the World. It’s a quick read and if you’re interested in learning more about how to live as an everyday missionary, it’s a great place to start.

In short, the BELLS model are 5 simple habits that you can easily incorporate into your daily life as ways to purposefully cultivate relationship and impact in the world around you. I’ve included the basic highlights of each rhythm as well as a link to a short video from the author so you can learn more.


BLESS– Everyone is invited to intentionally bless the people around you. The good news is a blessing to all who hear it.

EAT– Eating is great! Everyone loves it. But it can also be a way to practice a rhythm of missionary life. Eat with people in the community of faith and outside the community of faith each week.

LISTEN– To God. For one hour, enter into contemplative prayer where you listen to God and allow Him to speak to and shape your heart. There is no right or wrong way, just begin to listen. He will speak.

LEARN– Commit to reading the Gospels over and over again. This opens the door to get Jesus into your head and your heart and become fascinated with Him. I guarantee that learning Jesus will change the way you see and understand everything around you.

SENT– This is a commitment to see yourself as sent by Jesus. At the end of the day, a simple practice here is to do 15-20 minutes of reflection and see where you worked with Jesus as one who is sent on mission. Or, where you resisted the work and mission of Jesus. This beautiful practice helps you see the work of God in and through your life.

How It Will Change You

This episode will challenge you in many ways. First, it will provide thoughtful insight into your own everyday missionary habits. While each of us may have a unique calling, we all have a general calling to go and make disciples. Yet, many of us are not. Why? Often it’s because we don’t know how. Jeremy highlights some tools that you can implement. And if you do, you’re life will begin to look vastly different.

The conversation will also provide some encouragement and reminders for you in challenging seasons. Near the end of the episode, Jeremy shares about the moment when he pulled to the side of the road and was having a panic attack. In that very hard season, God was with Him. No matter what you do vocationally, each of us go through seasons of heartache, overwhelm, confusion. As Jeremy reminds us, God is with us in it. And He is gently and lovingly leading us. And just as He has given new life to Jeremy, He will give new life to you.

How To Learn More

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