Tragedy Turned Into Testimony

Heather Meadows doesn’t hold any impressive titles or positions. She lives a fairly normal life. What she does hold is an incredible story of survival after she and her brother Jon collided with a truck on a country dirt road. 

Eighty-seven percent of her seven-year old body was covered in third-degree burns, coupled with a traumatic heart injury. Doctors calculated a 140 percent chance Heather would die. 

But God had other plans for her. Now, Heather is an incredible wife and mom of 4, a NICU Nurse, Author and Speaker. She not only has a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness, she has a beautiful life that is an offering to God and a ministry to the world.

What We Chat About

In this episode of The Jesus Leader Podcast, Heather shares pieces of her powerful testimony along with biblical wisdom about life, calling and what it means to follow God in the midst of painful seasons.

Here’s a sample of what we’ll cover:

  • Discerning where God is leading you and how to follow Him
  • Trusting God with the outcomes when the next step seems foggy
  • Allowing God to heal our wounds and make our life a testimony
  • Sharing the Gospel in your everyday life without feeling pushy
  • Using your whole life as ministry, regardless of your vocation

Why It Matters

This conversation with Heather is significant for several reasons. First, throughout our whole Christian life, and especially in leadership, we have to learn how to hear God and follow Him. Even when we encounter pain and suffering, our calling is to follow Jesus and to continue to offer our lives back to Him as a gift. And as Heather reminds us throughout the conversation, there is joy and fulfillment in that. She truly gives a gift to us all in her wise words and love for Jesus. As you listen, you’ll be encouraged to follow Jesus more closely and to allow Him to work through every part of your personal journey.

How To Learn More

Heather would love to hear from you.

Her website is a great starting point. But you can also find her on Instagram and Facebook.

I’d also encourage you to pick up a copy of Heather’s book, Transforming Tragedy.

This meaningful memoir contains more than a story, but a message. It’s a message of persevering through life’s painful places and overcoming life’s darkest moments. Heather’s story is a real-life illustration of an everyday individual surviving insurmountable odds. Her journey will encourage and inspire you with hope, strength and optimism in facing life’s challenges.

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