Moving Your Faith From Head to Heart to Hands

“I could tell you all about the Red Sea but wouldn’t have dared stand at the edge of it with a rod in my hand.” Niral shared about how for a long time, he struggled with faith and actually trusting God. You’d never guess that now. In fact, he gives us a masterclass in this episode on what it looks like to be fully alive in our faith and actually live out the things we say that we believe.

Niral was a successful book publisher and as he accepted God’s call to ministry, it meant that he would shut down his dream by closing the business and take a huge leap of faith as he moved into ministry. As he shares his story, Niral highlights that the glory of knowing Jesus is worth it every time. And he shows us in this episode what it looks like to really follow Jesus.

What We Talk About

Well, grab a pen and paper. This is a conversation that has so much wisdom packed into it! Niral shares with passion and conviction. As he does, I’m sure there will be a thing or two that you’ll want to make special note of. We’re talking about things like:

  • Hoping in the promise of God’s call while waiting on the promise to be fulfilled
  • Demonstrating your faith in a way that impacts the world
  • Growing in wisdom from moments of failure and testing
  • The goal of ministry and the sacrifice required to see the goal accomplished
  • Honestly living out your faith in response to the incredible love of Jesus
  • The difference between new faces in church and disciples of Jesus

Why It Matters

You and I were never meant to just pray a prayer, show up to church and go about our regular old lives. No way! As Niral reminds us, our faith is meant to move from our head to our heart and then to our hands. Our faith is meant to be dynamic and life changing. It’s meant to be a real relationship with the God of the universe! And that relationship changes and challenges us.

This episode will help you remember that reality. And maybe, for the first time, you’ll be challenged to take some steps of faith that are a bit more stretching than what you’re used to. Hang in there though and don’t get freaked out just yet. Let me remind you that God is full of love. And it’s because of His love that He invites us into this deeper lifestyle. And, because of His goodness, when we step into this kind of dynamic faith, we experience the abundant life that He speaks about in scripture. It may be stretching or even scary. It may not feel safe along the way. But, rest assured, God is inviting you into a journey of deeper living that will always be worth it.

How to Learn More

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