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Rebecca Kiessling has a powerful testimony of the grace and redemption of God that calls each of us to himself through adoption in the kingdom. 

She was adopted nearly from birth.  At 18, she learned that she was conceived out of a brutal rape at knife-point by a serial rapist.  Like most people, Rebecca had never considered that abortion applied to her life, but once she received this information, all of a sudden she realized that, not only does it apply to her life, but it has to do with her very existence.  It was as if she could hear the echoes of all those people who, with the most sympathetic of tones, would say, “Well, except in cases of rape. . .  ,” or who would rather fervently exclaim in disgust: “Especially in cases of rape!!!”  All sorts of people out there who don‘t even know her, but stood in judgment of her life, so quick to dismiss it just because of how she was conceived. Rebecca felt like she was now going to have to justify her own existence, that she would have to prove herself to the world that she shouldn’t have been aborted and that she was worthy of living. 

And as Rebecca shares this incredible story, she speaks of her own journey with discovering her true identity. She also shares about how God worked though her origin story create something incredible. Rebecca leads a powerful ministry and has been a voice for the oppressed, forgotten, outcast for 25 years. She is a remarkable woman and an encouraging example of how God works all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.

What We Talk About

This episode is so heartfelt and special as Rebecca shares her story and talks about her journey in ministry, you’ll be challenged to root yourself deeply in Christ and find your identity in Him and step boldly into your calling.

  • Finding your identity in Christ
  • Understanding the value of each life
  • Discovering your worth because of the work of Christ
  • Seeing how our story can be used for God’s glory
  • Depending upon God in the good and bad seasons

Why It Matters

This episode provides a challenge for everyone in ministry leadership; both in the local church or other venues. As Rebecca reminds us, we can only lead people to Jesus, when we ourselves are found in Jesus. We have to know Him and find our identity in Him. He is the source of our life and strength in leadership. Moreover, this episode reminds us that we also need the Body of Christ. It’s in the context of Christian community that we’re drawn deeper to Christ.

Finally, Rebecca gives practical wisdom from her 25 years of leading like Jesus. She offers advice to those who are where she was 25 years ago. If you sense that God is leading you deeper into ministry leadership, she will provide encouragement and practical wisdom that you can take action on.

How To Learn More

Rebecca would love to connect with you. You can find her on her website to get in touch, learn more about her story or discover more about her advocacy work.

You can also learn more about Rebecca’s ministry called Save The 1. She spoke briefly about the incredible work that they do and I know you’ll be encouraged as you learn more.

If you’re looking to connect with one of the incredibly supportive Facebook groups that Rebecca manages, you can find her here.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this episode. You can connect with me directly on Facebook or Instagram. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Until next week, I hope that you’ll continue to lead like Jesus.

If you were inspired by Rebecca’s story and are looking to get clear on your own calling, check out The Track to High Impact.

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