How I Finally Figured Out What To Do With My Life

I used to be the girl who would look around think “how does everyone else seem to just know what to do?” I saw all these women who were crystal clear on their calling and where actually making an impact in the world.

And somehow, I felt stuck.

In fact, I remember coming home from freshman year of college one day, plopping down in front of my mom and actually crying. I felt so frustrated that I felt like God had called me to something but I didn’t know what.

I finally settled into a degree that I enjoyed enough and found my way into a job that I excelled in. But, I still had a feeling that God was leading me to make a bigger impact.

A few years more of wrestling with this longing, I found that I had completed a Master’s in Business Administration and a Master’s of Divinity. Yea, a seemingly odd combination. But, I became a discipleship pastor and later a church planter.

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It finally felt like the pieces of that calling that I had been wrestling with were coming together. It wasn’t even that I was in ministry. In fact, by this point, I had been in vocational ministry for years.

It was more than that. I found that I love helping other women discover their calling. I love helping women take the pieces of who they are, their story, their passions, their greatest loves and leverage them to do something that changes lives.

I’ve met so many women over the years (both young and old) that sit on the sidelines with an idea that God would want to use them for BIG THINGS, but they write the idea off. Sometimes because they don’t see how it would fit with other commitments, other times it’s because they don’t think they’ve got what it takes.

Fill in the blank. There are a million excuses.

But, God really does want to work through each and every one of His daughters and sons.

So, I’ve gone from being the one who was wondering what in the world to do, to helping countless women get crystal clear on their calling and take massive action.

I help women with a simple system that I’ve proven over the years. It doesn’t have to be scary or all consuming. It’s actually one of the most life-giving things when women see how they too can live the life they’re made for.

I’ve seen it happen again.

And again.

And again.

I’ve put this proven system into a course called The Track to High Impact. I want to share a few tips from it with you here.

What goes into how I help women get crystal clear on their calling and take massive action? Well, I’ll share a few things that are key!

Understand that before you have a specific calling, you have a general calling.

Okay, I get it. That might sound weird. But it’s true.

Each Christian has a general calling. It’s the call of EVERY PERSON that calls themselves a disciple of Jesus.

It’s to die to yourself, take up your cross and FOLLOW God.

Think about some of the famously impactful people in the bible. Before they got clear on the game changing action that God was leading them to, they were clear on their first calling; to follow God.

Noah built an arc. But before that, he was said to be the only God-Fearing man and found favor in God’s eyes.

Mary carried the incarnate Christ in her womb. But before that, she was honored and favored. It was because of her righteousness that she was chosen among many.

Paul planted tons of churches and wrote most of the New Testament. But before that, he had a radical conversation and gave his whole life to follow Jesus.

So, in the Track to High Impact, I’ll take you through not only understanding this general calling, but assessing how you’re doing at it.

If I’m honest, I’ve seen for years in church ministry that sometimes people can go a whole lifetime attending church and never really get this part straight.

And when we miss out on this, then we miss out on the abundant life that Jesus cam to bring. It’s not just about a specific way that you can impact the world, it’s about the joy and fulfillment that comes from knowing Jesus.

Get clear on the responsibility of those that follow Jesus.

Alright. You might be wondering by now when you get to the good stuff… making an impact on the world! Well, it’s in all of this.

When I first started to get clear on my own calling, I realized that if the starting place is following Jesus, then I actually have to do the things that Jesus said to do.

For a long time, I felt like I had down the whole Ten Commandments thing. But I wasn’t doing the very big thing He mentioned in His final challenge to His followers; Go and Make Disciples. Frankly, after spending years in the church, and even after I had already been on a church staff for several years, I realized I wasn’t quite sure how to do this!

So, I got pretty obsessive about how to make disciples of Jesus. And ya know what I realized?

It doesn’t have to be complicated. And there’s not thing that helps my faith grow like helping other’s grow in their faith. And I realized that it’s not just a job for the professional Christians who work at a church. It’s for everyone who desires to follow Jesus.

In my course The Track to High Impact, I walk you step-by-step how to do this. If you order soon, you’ll get in on the introductory price.

In it, you’ll find out how to move from a private faith in Jesus to one that influences the lives around you! I’ll even give you a really simple guide to starting and leading discipleship groups. And those groups can easily multiply into other groups. If you have a feeling that God is asking you to start a discipleship movement, you’re going to love this.

I’m not special. This is something that you can do. And when you do, you’ll love it!

Literally, I went from feeling that God might have a purpose for my life, to being so changed by Him that I couldn’t help but invite others to be changed as well. And at this point, I still wasn’t doing anything unique. Just doing what we’re all supposed to do anyway!

HEADS UP: I THINK I FORGOT TO MENTION The Track to High Impact is a limited enrollment course. Even though it’s a digital course, I like to make myself available for each student that takes it. Fore that reason, I’ll be closing the cart. I want to make sure you get in and get your welcome discount, so make sure to order soon.

Click here to learn more about The Track to High Impact.

Understand your unique expression of the general calling.

In my own journey, there came a point where I went from really taking seriously the call to follow Jesus and make disciples, that He gave me clarity on the unique calling He had for me.

I discovered that for each of us, it’s an expression of the general calling we all have.

But it is unique to us!

YOU ARE CALLED! God has made you just how you are for a reason.

Your gifts. And your story. Your talent and curiosity. All of it.

And He can use all of it.

In the last section of The Track to High Impact, I’ll guide you through a series of steps to look back at your life and see the high points and low points, your personal gifts, passions and even the secret dreams in your heart to help you see how God is weaving them all together.

Believe it or not, it’s not despite those things that He wan’t to work though you. It’s because of them!

It might be hard to believe. You might have a story that seems too depressing. Our passions to diverse or odd. You might even feel like your time is stretched too thin or that you’ve missed the boat.

I’ll help you get over those limiting beliefs and see that God has something special for you.

But more than that, I’ll help you take action on your calling.

You can be as clear as you want to be on your calling, but until you take action, you won’t be on a track to high impact!

It’s not goal setting, it’s a simple and repeatable action map to help you take strategic steps, stay focused and move toward the life you are called to.

>>> Reminder: the cart closes soon so get in while you can.

There is a money back guarantee so joining the course isn’t stressful! LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TRACK TO HIGH IMPACT

(Sorry to harp on The Track to High Impact but I really believe it has the key information in it that can help you get clear on your calling and take massive action to bring it to life.

news flash: Your track to high impact may have nothing to do with your vocation.

Okay before you call me a liar I’ll explain. Vocation and calling aren’t the same thing.

Vocation is what you do to pay your bills. Maybe you work in an office, or you’re a stay at home mom. Maybe you work in the church.

Sometimes there is an overlap between your calling and vocation. Sometimes there is not.

The general calling you have has nothing to do with your job. The general calling is all about what it means for you to follow Jesus. It’s something that permeates every part of your life (at home, at work, at the park). Everything. Following Jesus is something that happens every day in every place.

In your specific expression of that calling, it may include your career. And it may not.

The cool thing about it being unique is… it’s unique!

It’s between you and God. So this guide might give you some clarity on your vocation. But, ultimately, that’s not the goal. The goal is to help you figure out what God has uniquely created you and positioned you to do in this world for His kingdom. In that, you’ll find joy and fulfillment that goes far beyond a job.

And listen I’m not some super guru who has some special touch that you don’t have, I am just a regular girl who finally recognized what God was doing in and through my life. I said yes. And now I’ve helped so many other people say yes too!

You can do this too! I’m not special!

That is why I am so passionate about what I teach in The Track to High Impact because I really believe that it can help anyone grow as a follower of Jesus get crystal clear on their calling and take massive action. And what that happens, their lives are changed forever!

>>> Reminder today is the last day: As I said a few times in this post The Track to High Impact enrollment is about to close for the introductory price. So, get in while you can.

If you are seeing this there are still spots available so come check it out and join my tribe of women just trying live out the calling that God has on their life!

Understanding my general calling… and my specific expression of it… has completely changed my life forever. And it’s allowed me to know I’m living every day to it’s fullest and making a significant impact in the world!

Thanks for reading my rant!

I hope you try The Track to High Impact and love it, if not there is a money back guarantee.

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