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If you’ve been listening to the show for a while, you’ve heard bits and pieces of my story as I’ve gotten to interview some incredible guests. In this episode, however, I spend some time sharing a few key moments in my own journey that were total game changers in my life. 

The parts of my story that I share with you are specifically about my process of discovering how God had designed me and stepping into that!

Maybe you’re listening to this right now and will be able to identify with these types of moments in your own life. Sure, they won’t be exactly the same. But, I bet there are times when you’ve felt God tug on your heart and you’ve had to make a choice in response. Or, I bet there have been times in your life when God has shown just how big, powerful and wonderful He is.

Well, listen up. Because as I share my story, you’ll be challenged and encouraged to think about how God has led you through the various seasons of your life and the purpose that He has for you.

What I’ll Talk About

You’ll hear me share three things that have transformed the way I see God and His calling on my life. Here they are:

  1. God is way bigger than any box that you or I could build for Him.
  2. You are invited to look at God instead of the opposition. Whatever opposes you will limit you. But God will lead you. 
  3. You’re calling is ultimately to God. He will work through you and use all that you are, but you’re calling isn’t to a vocation or title. It’s just to follow Jesus wherever He leads you.

Why It Matters

Far too often I’ve seen incredible people, with gifts and potential get trapped in small expectations for their lives. They don’t think God has really called them. Yea, maybe their sister, or neighbor or friend is called. But them? No way.

Or, I see people look at their lives and get so focused on proving that they’re called to something that they put up a big fight to be heard. Well, they end up fighting so hard that they miss what God actually wants to do. And they forget that it’s God who will fight for them.

And ya know what happens? In either extreme, they never get to find the joy and abundance that comes from just trusting Jesus to lead them every step of the way. And in fact, every time we miss what our first calling is, we miss out on the joy and abundance that Jesus offers.

Your first calling is to Christ. Yes, he might give you an assignment to a place, a title, a people. But ultimately, you’re called to Jesus. Just like He abides in the Father, you’re called and invited to abide in Him. And just like He got His mission from the Father, you’re invited to get your mission from Him. Just like how Jesus gave Himself up, you’re invited to do the same. And that, my friend is where the fullness of life is found. It’s found in Jesus.

All that to say, you’ve got the gifts, passions and story that you have for a reason. And Jesus can and will work through those things. As you find yourself in Him, He’ll bring clarity to your path. And even though it might not be what you anticipate, He’ll use all of the uniqueness of who you are to impact and influence the world on this incredible adventure of joining Him in His mission.

If you’re interested in learning more about your calling to Jesus and then how to get clear on the unique expression of that calling that He is inviting you into, check out my e-course called The Track to High Impact. In it, you’ll get practical tools to grow, get clarity and take action.

How to Learn More

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Until next week, I hope you continue to lead like Jesus!

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