The Biggest Factor in Growing Your Faith

She took an incredible step of faith and through it, God has grown her faith. Pastor Lindsey Murphy started her carer in alternative education then moved to working with other teachers to assit in reaching that same population in a traditional high school. And although she was working out her calling in the classroom, God was leading her to take a step of faith. Ultimatley, she quit her job and began teaching and preaching the Gospel full-time.

She’s been happily married for 14 years and is the mom of two. And as you get to know Pastor Lindsey Murphy, you’ll realize that she is full of life and is so passionate about the mission God has called her to.

Over the years, God has been guiding her story and expanding her platform. He’s been faithfully leading her. She now has a powerful speaking ministry. As She shares, you’ll not only hear a powerful story, but you’ll hear a gifted communicator.

What We Talk About

In this conversation, Pastor Lindsey Murphy shares her personal story of calling as well as a powerful challenge for the Church.

  • The call of God
  • How our faith grows through action
  • The need for the Church to awaken
  • Getting free from guilt and shame
  • The power of God to work in and through His people
  • The preparation that comes before public platform and leadership

Why It Matters

If you feel any sense of calling on your life, then you’ll want to hear this message. It’s a challenge for the whole Church to recognize how God moves in and through His people. It’s through a church that is alive and active that God transforms the world. Even if you’re not called, like Pastor Lindsey, to be an evangelist, we are all called to live in a posture of obedient faith.

As Lindsey shares, when your life is lived in this kind of way, you will see God move all around you. When you open your eyes and ears to see and hear God and then move your hands and feet to obey God, your faith will grow! As you move in faith, your vision expands. It’s an incredible cycle that each person is invited into.

This episode will help you better understand God’s call on your life and how to take steps of faith to move into what He has set before you.

How To Learn More

Pastor Lindsey Murphy would love to hear from you. She can be found online at You’ll be able to hear read more of her story, listen to some messages she has given and connect with her for future events.

You can also connect with Pastor Lindsey on social. Each week she shares incredible challenges there so make sure to follow along!

If you’re beginning to really explore your own calling, I want to encourage you that there’s no better time to take an action step than right now! In fact, I’d love to help you begin to take what’s in your mind or your heart and really put it into action. Over the years, I’ve developed a process to help you not only get clear on your calling, but take strategic and practical action steps. I call it the Track to High Impact. You can learn more and get access to this action oriented course and start taking action today!

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Until next week, I hope you continue to thrive. That you take bold steps of faith and that you lead like Jesus!

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