Waiting and Willing- How To Wait For Your Turn To Lead

I’ve known Pastor Lorri for years, it wasn’t until I was church planting and had no idea what to do with the children on our launch team that God really opened a door for our friendship to blossom. Although she lived over an hour away, I heard she might have a heart for the community that I was church planting in. I figured it was a long shot, but I decided to call her and ask for her help.

She said yes! I have no way of understanding why except for the fact that she has a heart to serve and God was in it. So, she and her family began making the long drive each week to help, serve and lead within our launch team for the church plant. In that time, she became an incredible friend. Ultimately, as she shares in this episode, Lorri was in a season of waiting on God. She describes it as a season where “God blew up her life”. In the end, God was moving her and her family to Nashville, TN where she now serves as a lead pastor.

Part of the fun of this conversation is that Pastor Lorri has gone from struggling to understand her calling to ministry as a female leader to a long history as a staff pastor to now leading in a place that is an unlikely source of joy. But, as we discuss in the show, she knows that she is exactly where God has called.

What We Talk About

Pastor Lorri so beautifully shares her story and we’ll hit the following topics:

  • The opportunity of the Church amidst Coronavirus
  • Understanding your calling when no one else does
  • How to listen to God in seasons of waiting
  • The role of women in Ministry
  • Fighting bitterness when people hurt you

Why It Matters

Lorri’s story focuses mostly around her journey of discovering her call, waiting on the people around her to see it, to now doing what she knows she was made for. Through it all, there’s incredible application for anyone with a sense that God want’s to do something in and through their life. For each of us, there are moments when it just doesn’t seem like what we have heard is actually going to happen.

All seems lost.

Nobody around us is recognizing what we thought our gifts were.

The doors just don’t seem to be opening.

Those season’s aren’t unique to local church ministry or to Lorri. We all face them. Lorri shares wisdom about how to trust God in those seasons and how to continue to listen to His voice as you learn to die to your selfish desires or need to prove yourself.

This conversation will provide practical encouragement and a real life story of how God works through the waiting in those who are willing.

In it, Pastor Lorri shares two key truths that apply to us all. First. you need to learn to listen to His voice and lean into relationship with Him. When people cause us hurt, it can become easy to fee like we have to earn their support or approval. You don’t. You just need to depend on God. Secondly, you need to give the hurt, pain and frustration to God. He can handle it. He’s tender and kind and it’s by His love, when you surrender it to Him, that He’ll heal you.

How to Learn More

Pastor Lorri would love to connect with you- especially if you’re in the Nashville, TN area. You can find her church on Facebook or send her an email. She would love to hear from you or connect you with the move of God sweeping through the Nashville area.

Additionally, if you’re wrestling with your own calling, download the your FREE copy of The Track to High Impact. It’s a workbook to guide you through gaining clarity on God’s call on your life and how you can take action. Just drop your email in the box and I’ll send it directly to your inbox.

Until next week, I hope you continue to lead like Jesus!

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