It’s Still Easter


I love the spring time decor, the egg decorating, the candy, and the feasting. And most of all, I love what it means for The Church. It’s the Superbowl of Sunday services. 

Seriously, Easter is the biggest day of celebration in the church because of the salvation we have in Christ. It’s the day we can all point to and say, “that’s when it all changed”. When Jesus rose from the dead, EVERYTHING changed. 

But, this year will feel different for most of us. As I write this, our nation, and much of the world is several weeks into a quarantine over the coronavirus. And it just feels weird.

In fact, this is the first time that churches have been “shut down” on Easter in our nations history. And for those of us in ministry leadership, it’s forcing us to re-imagine how we celebrate this special week within the communities we lead and how we celebrate personally.

We will gather online.

Our kids will hunt for eggs 6-8 feet apart.

We likely won’t find ourselves gathering in quiet communities on Friday for communion services.

Nor will many of us gather for a large family feast on Sunday afternoon. 

But, it is still Easter. 

Jesus still rose from the grave. 

And He has still raised us from our graves of sin, death and defeat. 

And, He still desires to raise your neighbors, coworkers, friends, family members from the graves that they have been trapped in. 

No matter what this Easter season looks like, we, The Church, will still remember that Jesus Christ changed everything 2000 + years ago. And He is still changing everything. 

And friend, although the methods of how we will celebrate this week have changed, the the message has not. Remember that. Remind yourself and your people of that. The truth is, well… still the truth.

And the truth is…

It’s not your Sunday gathering that changes lives. It’s not your production, the Worship, sermon, small groups, kid’s program. It’s Jesus.

So, even though you may not gather as usual, remember that Jesus will still be changing lives this week, and every week.

When you lift His name high, through whatever format you use, lives will be changed.

You can trust that.

Expect that.

Rely on that.

Jesus has promised that when He’s lifted up, He’ll do the work of drawing people to Himself. In fact, it’s not your job to draw people or change them or save them. It’s your job to life Jesus high. To make Him famous. To celebrate Him. And to follow Him with all that you are and yes, to do the tasks He set’s before you with excellence. But, it’s Him that draws people and changes them.

So, this week, rest assured.

For all your planning and creativity, and communicating, in the end, if you’ve lifted up Jesus, then you’ve done what you need to do.

So, may this week be filled with awe and wonder as you marvel at the majesty of Jesus Christ, your Risen Lord. And may you stand in awe and wonder as you see Him work through your worship to draw others to Himself.

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