Leading Like Jesus by Becoming Like Jesus

Aundra Williams experienced molestation when she was younger and stumbled into writing a blog as a way to express her thoughts and find healing. But, through that, she discovered that God was actually inviting her to step into deeper relationship with Him and find real healing. And He was inviting her to step onto a bigger platform and invite others along in relationship with Jesus.

As you listen to this episode, you’ll notice that she has such a humble heart and a desire to authentically follow Jesus.

She is a great example of a leader echoing the words of Paul in saying “follow me as I follow Christ.”

What We Talk About

Aundra and I get into some of the real life things of life and leadership in this episode. Here’s just a few…

When your following grows, it's easy to get arrogant. But, it's not about you! It's about serving. Here's how to stay humble when your platform gets bigger.
  • Breaking free from the limiting opinions of others
  • Authentically sharing the whole of your life with the people you lead
  • Trusting Jesus enough to take a step- even before you know where He’s leading you
  • Staying humble as you lead along side of people
  • Taking on the Fruit of the Spirit as a leader
  • How digital opportunities remove barriers for the Church

Why it Matters

There are so many great take-aways in this episode that will be impactful for you- especially if you’re serving in local church ministry. Aundra doesn’t serve in local church ministry, but what she shares applies to Christian leaders in various roles. One of the things she talks about staying humble as her following has grown. For so many Christian leaders, there can be a temptation to think that our platform is because of our work. It’s not! Aundra gives an incredible reminder to stay humble before the Lord and recognize that it is Him who is leading you.

In this conversation, Aundra also shares about her journey back to Jesus. When she first began her blog in 2014, she wasn’t a part of a local church. God convicted her of that. She found her way into an online bible study community and eventually back to the local church. In the show, she shares more details about this. But, her story highlights the opportunity that is made available through online platforms for the church to creatively reach people and expand their reach like never before. This conversation will certainly give you insight and inspiration.

You’re sure to find plenty of insight and inspiration from this episode.

How to Learn More

Aundra would love to connect with you. She can be found through a variety of platforms, but the best ways to reach her are her website and Instagram.



You can follow along with her blog, get to know her better and see how God might speak to you through her ministry.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts on this episode! Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram and let me know what your biggest takeaway from this episode is!

I hope you continue to lead like Jesus!

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