The Essential Qualities of A Strong Christian Leader

I’ve gotten into so many conversations over the past several weeks with some of YOU on Facebook and Instagram where you’ve questions about what it means to be a Christian Leader. 

In fact, some of you are wondering IF YOU ARE a leader. The answer is simple. Yes. You are! 

Every Christian has influence in SOMEONE’S life. It might be in a small number, and it might be a massive number. But, there are people who are looking to you. 

Whether you’re just realizing that you’re a leader, or you’ve known it for a long time, this episode of The Jesus Leader Podcast is designed to help you GROW your leadership.

Jesus trained his disciples for their future roles in an incredible way that is a powerful example for us. 

He taught them by example and principle. His teaching was done ‘on the road’. He didn’t ask the Twelve to sit down and take notes in a formal classroom. Rather, his classrooms were the highways of life; his principles and values came across in the midst of daily experiences. And Jesus placed his disciples into internships that enabled them to learn through failure and success. 

He delegated his authority and responsibility to them as they were ready to rise to the challenge. 

Throughout the whole ministry of Jesus, we see him modeling, mentoring and mobilizing. And through this, he multiplied himself into them. 

For each leader, there are unique qualities. But the qualities that are much less unique are the ones that these first disciples were taught and trained in by Jesus. 

The first characteristic we start with is Discipline.

Without discipline, the disciples wouldn’t have been able to be who they became. It was their willingness to come under the leadership of Jesus that opened the door for Christ to do amazing things through them.

Seem like an odd starting place for strong leadership? Listen to the show and let me know if you still think so at the end!

Without discipline, other gifts and character traits of a leader will never develop. 

Frankly, there are so many people who leave Christian ministry and they do so not because they’re no longer called to it. Rather, they may be incredibly gifted and talented and have all sorts of vision, but they have large areas of their life that remain undisciplined and lacking the control of the Holy Spirit. 

Lazy and disorganized people won’t go very far in leadership of any kind. 

In this episode, I share with you a simple acronym to help you in every area of your life- and espeicially in your leadership.

It is C.L.I.M.B.

Connect with Christ

As leaders, we must hear from Christ every day.  We cannot lead without it. So as a leader, it’s vital that you learn to hear him and follow what He says.

Learn Something New

Have you heard the term, “leaders are learners”? It’s true! I share several areas for how you can be a continuous student and learn from all of life.

Invest in Key Relationships

I shared 5 categories of how I see the people and relationships around me. It might sound brutal, but it helps me stay laser focused as I make the greatest impact with my life.

Move Toward Vision

Every day! I can move toward the vision because I know exactly what it is. I shared a resource with you that will be a tremendous help as you clarify your own vision. Click here for your free download.

Better My Physical Health

Again, this one might seem a little like tough love. And it is! But, your health is important to the success and longevity of your ministry.

Okay, I’d love to know, how is you’re CLIMB? After you’ve listened to this episode, what is an action that you need to take in order to strengthen your discipline as a leader?

I’d love to hear from you. You can either comment here or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram.

Until next time, I hope you continue to Lead Like Jesus!

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