The Essential Qualities of a Strong Christian Leader- Part Two

 If you caught the last episode, which was Episode 24, The Essential Qualities of a Strong Christian Leader, you heard me talk about what I believe is the perfect starting place for understanding and growing in our Christian Leadership. 

Do you remember what it was? 


Without discipline, other gifts and character traits of a leader will never develop. 

Frankly, there are so many people who leave Christian ministry and they do so not because they’re no longer called to it. Rather, they may be incredibly gifted and talented and have all sorts of vision, but they have large areas of their life that remain undisciplined and lacking the control of the Holy Spirit. 

Lazy and disorganized people won’t go very far in leadership of any kind because they aren’t willing to do the work of dying to themselves, taking up the cross and following Jesus. 

Outstanding Christian leaders are willing to discipline themselves to follow Jesus where he leads. They’re willing to work hard, study, undertake unpleasant tasks, and charge into difficult situations. 

When leaders show strong SELF DISCIPLINE, or self leadership, others see it and rise to the expectations placed upon them. Just like Jesus demonstrated the life that He called His disciples to life, we are to demonstrate that same kind of life to those we lead. 

I want to shift gears today though. Moving on from discipline to our next essential quality of a strong Christian leader. Any guesses what it is? 


The people who have most powerfully and permanently influenced their generations have been people of great vision. They’re people who have seen more and further than others. And I would say, people of Faith, because in so many ways, faith is vision. 

Strong christian leaders have to have vision that sees beyond the natural circumstances and constraints.And Christian leaders have spiritual vision that sees what God is doing behind the scenes and step boldly into what is not yet seen to others, with faith that what is hoped for will actually happen. They have spiritual insight to see beyond the physical, natural world. 


If knowledge is the accumulation of facts and intelligence is the development of reason. Then wisdom is heavenly discernment. It’s insight into the heart of things. 


When all the facts are in, quick and clear decision making is another mark of a true leader. 

A visionary may see, but a leader must decide.

Don’t get me wrong. PRAYER IS IMPORTANT. And even carving out specific time to pray and seek the Lord for guidance. But, I would venture to say that many times, Christian leaders use that as an excuse to not make a bold decision and move forward. But, when you learn to live in a constant state of prayer and listening to the voice of God from moment to moment, you can move forward with confidence knowing that you’re surrendered to Him and He is big enough to direct you as you move forward. 


Christian leaders require incredible courage. Moral courage and often physical courage as well.  And courage is that quality of mind that enables people to encounter danger or difficulty without fear or discouragement. 

Fear is a natural human emotion. And in fact, you’ve probably heard the saying that Courage isn’t the absence of fear but the action in the face of it. 

Fear is a natural human emotion, but regardless of what is in you naturally, The holy Spirit will give you what’s needed to step into the tasks that He sets before you… including courage. God calls leaders to be of good courage and not to bow to fear. That kind of a calling would be pointless if people didn’t feel fear. It’s a real part of life… but The Holy Spirit fills us with power. 

To better understand these qualities, how they fit together and the important role they play in Christian Leadership, make sure to listen to the whole episode.

And remember, as I shared in last week’s episode, no matter where you are starting as a leader, or where you are now, you can grow. With coaching, and community, and the right tools and tricks, you can improve in each of these areas. 

And, I want to help you grow. So, I’ve got some special resources for you.

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Until next week, I hope you continue to lead like Jesus… With big, bold vision!

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