Staying Steady In Your Calling

As you’ll hear in this episode of The Jesus Leader Podcast, Aubrielle Holt is the founder of the online magazine 

She lives in western Washington with her husband of 17 years and her 5 children. In her story, she shares about how she treasures the everyday moments of being a mom as her and her husband struggled for years with infertility. And even when the seasons of her life and ministry have shifted, she remains passionate about helping others find the hope and joy that comes from Christ in their everyday ordinary lives. More than that, she continues to have a clear understanding that her first calling to to be a disciple of Jesus.

Shifting Seasons

For each leader, there are different seasons of what ministry looks like. Although the appointment that God brings you to may look vastly different, your first calling will always remain the same. It’s the call to follow Jesus. As you follow Him, you’ll discover that He can use what you have to give, no matter where you are in life.

As Aubrielle shares her story, you hear her talk about the journey through infertility and now through raising 5 children. Over the years, she has shifted from being a youth pastor to being a stay at home mom and meeting Jesus in the quiet and unnoticed moments. Moreover, you’ll hear her share how it is through those things that God has given her a new vision of how He could use her life.

A bit over a year ago, she stepped boldly into an invitation from God to use gifts, passion and story in an unexpected way.

Aubrielle started an online ministry to help women discover Christ in their everyday lives and step into their calling. You’re going to love hearing from her. And no matter where you currently are in your journey, you’ll be encouraged to trust God with today and tomorrow.

Learn More

You can get connected with Aubrielle and her team through their website or on Instagram. I know she would love to connect with you and help you take your next step with Jesus.

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