Leading Teams, Developing Dreams and other Leadership Lessons

Beth Cannon is an international speaker, educator and entrepreneur known for her passion for engaging leaders and inspiring teams.  With 25+ years of diverse experience, she is known for her niche in creating compelling content that captures the audience.

In 1999, Beth launched Stretch-n-Grow – an international children’s fitness franchise and quickly became the most successful affiliate in the world and took the reins as corporate trainer for new franchisees. Through her relationships in the faith and early childhood spaces, Beth was invited over and over to create and deliver strategies and solutions as a keynote speaker and workshop presenter. 

Through her personal brand, Beth Cannon Speaks, Beth offers online courses for early education leaders and teachers as well as live and virtual events.  Her “pandemic pivot” has been to create a support community for faith-based and non-profit schools and point them to valuable resources to survive now so they can thrive in what’s next.

Whether speaking at conferences and retreats for churches of many different denominations, presenting at education or entrepreneur events, you can count on Beth to deliver high energy and engaging content to any audience she serves.

Listen to her story

Within this episode, Beth speaks insightfully about the leadership lessons she has learned over these past 20 plus years in leadership. And the fruit of what she shares is in the incredibly successful company that she has built. Still, through it all, you hear her talk about following Jesus and depending upon Him.

For each of us, no matter where the Lord calls us to lead, we need to depend upon Him.

It is through dependency upon Him that we find the courage to lead with authenticity and courage. You can find out more about what it looks like to lead with courage by listening to my episode The Essentials of a Strong Christian Leader, Part 2.

Take Your Next Step As A Leader

If you’re ready to take your next step as a leader and get practical coaching, resources and tools to up level your leadership, then you should consider joining the waitlist for The Collective. It’s my group coaching experience for Women in Christian leadership.

In The Collective, you’ll get live coaching for your leadership, tools to help you save time and monthly mastermind sessions to help you learn and implement leadership skills. I hope to see you on the list!

Connect with Beth

Beth would love to connect with you.

In fact, she has a free download to share with you. To get it, click here.

She’d also love to have you say ‘hi’ on her Facebook page or join the incredible free community that she created for faith based communities. She has tons of resources there for you.

Until next week, I pray that you continue to lead like Jesus.

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