The 6 Myths of Vulnerability and How to Lead from a Place of Intimacy with God

Have you wondered how and what to share of your personal life in ministry? How do you do it well without putting the focus on yourself? Honestly, we all want to build healthy and intimate relationships. Even in ministry, we need to know and be known. But, the reality is that sometimes we end up sharing too much in ministry and it get’s weird. On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes we fear what people will do and so we don’t share anything. We succumb to the lie that we merely need to be the “professional Christian” and we build walls around our lives and our hearts.

Neither is healthy.

And neither is God’s design for ministry.

In this conversation, you’ll hear real life application to better understand what vulnerability is and is not. You’ll also learn about setting healthy boundaries and how liberating that will be for your ministry.

Heidi shared about the 6 myths of vulnerability. What one is the biggest temptation for you?

Knowing what vulnerability is not, not you can better understand what it is and how to live in a place of vulnerability.

Near the end of our conversation, Heidi and I shift our focus to talk about striving in ministry and how to set up healthy boundaries in ministry. When we begin to strive, we lose sight of the fact that The Church is Jesus’ and the work we’re called to is for His glory and accomplished by His power.

Getting clear on this is one of the biggest factors in your ministry being powerful and effective.

To help you reflect on some of your own boundaries and the flags in your heart and life (one fo the suggestions from Heidi), I’ve created a reflection guide for you from this episode. It is a free download to help you think through some helpful questions and get crystal clear on how you can actually focus on the things that matter most.

Download it Here

Connect With Heidi

Heidi Waldoch is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Daring Way Facilitator and owner of Bridging Hope Counseling since 2018.  She does counseling with individuals, families, teens and couples and groups. 

She originally went to school for business, grew up in a family business and was led into the counseling field because of her faith in Jesus. She believes her business background has allowed her a different perspective in the mental health field.

She has endless hope and believes people can be free from mental health struggles. She sees gold where others may not. As the owner of Bridging Hope Counseling, she is proud of the excellent team of therapists with many specialties across 3 locations in Lino Lakes, Rogers and Buffalo. In addition, Heidi speaks to businesses, local community organizations and their YouTube channel.

She lives in Blaine with her husband Tim, 3 children, Harper, Layla and Conley, a dog named Bailey and a cat named Bob.

You can connect with Heidi and learn more about her work through any of the following platforms. I know she would love to hear from you.




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