The Role of Rest for Leaders and How to Get More of It

Far too often, we, as Christian leaders, take the responsibility that God has invited us into so seriously, that we end up over working. We want the ministry to flourish, so we end up working just a little harder or just a few more minutes that turn into hours. Somehow, even though we know that the Spirit of God is the driving source behind our ministries, we can end up acting and living like it’s us.

This episode is all about how to break that cycle and live into the model of ministry that Jesus displayed for us and to really recieve the fullness of life that God has offered to us.

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Rest is a choice

  • On the 7th day, He rested. Abstained. – Hebrew Word Shabbat or Sabbath. 
  • And made the choice to renew. He didn’t need it, but he chose it. 
  • He sets forth this pattern for Us. 

Rest changes your perspective

  • Reminds us of our dependence upon God.
  • He sustains us. We (the world) depend upon Him rather than Him (or the world) depending upon us. 

Rest gives life

  • Matthew 11 speaks of an invitation for the weary to find rest in him… and it comes after Jesus identifying himself as the way to the father. There’s an intimate connection between the light burden and refreshment of your soul and the abundant life that Jesus offers. 

Rest is a gift

As with any gift, you can either receive it or reject it. Here are three tips for how you can make the choice to receive the gift that God has given, model your life and ministry after God and tap into the life that Christ offers.

Schedule sabbath

Put it in your calendar as a recurring event. Because, if you’re anything like me, it won’t happen if it’s not written down.

Turn your phone off

Not only on your Sabbath, but in moments with your loved ones. There should be times when you’re not plugged in. When do you turn your phone off? Don’t miss the greatness of God for the goodness of your phone.

Receive the gift – His presence, joy of life and fresh leadership 

Enjoy Him! Remember that your primary role is not as a worker in His kingdom, it is as a child of God. And your father has invited you to simply be His child and enjoy His presence.

If you’re looking for something more…

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As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode. In fact, I’d love to hear when you’re scheduling your next Sabbath. You can let me know on Instagram or Facebook.

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