I’m a pastor, disciple maker and coach. I teach new and not-so-new disciples of Jesus how to build take their faith seriously and actually do the things they’re uniquely called to while also doing the things we’re all called to do… love God, love our neighbor and make disciples.

My teaching approach comes from experience. I struggled with my calling for a long time. In fact, I had no idea that I could do anything in ministry as a young woman. (Talk about some #limitingbeliefs)


But, from a young age, I loved the church and knew in my heart that God had called me to serve and lead in it. It took a while, however, to get free from the fear and insecurity that was holding me back from simply leaving everything to follow Jesus. 

As long as I can remember, I've known that I was a leader. Although when I was younger, people just called me bossy!

I began to live into my specific calling to lead in the church. And my general calling to love God, love my neighbor and make disciples.


In fact, I got really obsessed with helping other women do the same.

I went from being a discipleship pastor, to a church planter in a new city to moving across the county with my husband where we serve at a church and I spend the majority of my time helping other women learn to live free from limits and boldly follow Jesus wherever He leads.


It’s my passion to help women recognize that they are leaders. And they are uniquely created and positioned to things on this earth that will make an eternal impact. 

My husband, Austin and I . We currently live and serve in vocational ministry in Oklahoma.

It wasn’t until I was free from all those crazy ideas that held me back… or the insecurities that caused me to pretend to be a leader that I wasn’t, that I was able to truly live into the things God had for me.

Even in the midst of the fear and insecurity, I knew I was called. But, I didn’t know how to go from where I was, to where I knew God was leading me. I wasn’t sure how to take the first step in making disciple of Jesus, or even what the first step was.

If you’ve come this far, you’re no doubt like me: a leader, called by God and uniquely positioned and created to make an eternal impact.


But, you may also be like the scores of others in the church: confused about how to have a really vibrant relationship with Jesus, how to share your faith without feeling sleazy and how to make other disciples or Jesus, or discipleship movements.

You’re not alone. But, you can (and should) have an awesome relationship with Jesus, and sharing your faith can feel totally normal and exciting and making disciples doesn’t need to freak you out. And, you can feel confident in your leadership and have the tools and resources to excel in your calling.

Maybe you’re wondering what to do next, or how to take the first step. That’s where I can help. I believe God has something great in store for you and that together, we’ll see God do special things.

And I believe that through healthy community, and biblical guidance, He will empower you with His Holy Spirit to take those steps and to follow Him wherever He leads.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping you become the leader and disciple that you are meant to be.


I’m serving you a freshly squeezed, straightforward, sleaze-free approach to growing as a disciple of Jesus and a leader in His kingdom. It’s my goal to help you LEAD LIKE JESUS. 

Now, some fun stuff about me:

  • I love dresses and big jewelry.
  • Give me all the coffee… with lots of cream! 
  • I truly love working with Christian leaders to help them create effective discipleship processes
  • I’m a total school nerd and have M.B.A. from Cornerstone University and an M.Div with a specialization in Church Planting from Asbury Theological Seminary
  • I’m an ordained minister with The Wesleyan Church
  • I am also an Adjunct College Professor where I teach in the areas of Discipleship, Evangelism, Preaching, Leadership and Management
  • Austin and I have a Dog, Monty. He’s the best. 

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