Before I knew what God had specifically called me to, I knew I was a leader. 

No podcast. No website. No speaking gigs. Just me preaching to my stuffed animals and organizing the people around me to do things.

That was the beginning, though. And over the years, I’ve followed God into some incredible opportunities to preach all over, lead in a variety of churches and mission-centered businesses and raise up strong leaders who love Jesus, make an impact and multiply themselves. 

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As long as I can remember, I've known that I was a leader. Although when I was younger, people just called me bossy!

It was 2007 that I finally recognized my calling to ministry. 

Until that point, I didn’t realize that, as a woman, I could lead in the church. 

And in those early years, especially, I found leadership to be really lonely. I didn’t have a lot of examples of other women who were boldly leading. However, God brought some incredible men along side of me to mentor me, challenge me and train me to lead with excellence. 

Over the years, I discovered my voice and began training others in how to lead growing, dynamic, multiplying movements in the Church and in mission-centered businesses. 

While in ministry, I began to get really passionate about helping other leaders discover their voice and lead with excellence. That’s why I started The Jesus Leader. Through the local church, I have been mentoring emerging leaders for years. But, through The Jesus Leader podcast and coaching I’ve had a chance to expand that aspect of ministry and to develop many more leaders. 

My husband, Austin and I . We currently live and serve in vocational ministry in Oklahoma.

I’m grateful that God has allowed me to use my creativity, passion and leadership prowess to raise up other secure, confident, Christian leaders through coaching and courses, writing and speaking and teaching and preaching. 

I look forward to helping you find the community and coaching that you need to step into the fullest potential of what God has for you! 

Now, some fun stuff about me:

  • I love dresses and big jewelry.
  • Give me all the coffee… with lots of cream! 
  • I truly love working with Christian leaders to help them create effective discipleship processes.
  • I’m a total school nerd and have M.B.A. from Cornerstone University and an M.Div with a specialization in Church Planting from Asbury Theological Seminary
  • I’m an ordained minister with The Wesleyan Church
  • I am also an Adjunct College Professor where I teach in the areas of Discipleship, Evangelism, Preaching, Leadership and Management
  • Austin and I have recently welcomed our first child and also have a dog.