Hi! I'm Andrea.

How I went from preaching to my stuffed animals 

to preaching to real people and raising up leaders who do the same. 

Believe it or not, I used to just be a bossy little kid who was preaching to her stuffed animals and leading her dog in the prayer of salvation. I know… I was a #churchgirl and a total nerd! 

But, seriously, I loved the Church and even as a little girl, I wondered if God would use me to lead His people. Looking back, I can see that this was the early stage of my sense of calling to ministry. However, I had no idea if women could be pastors or I could ever preach to anyone other than those stuffed animals. I had never seen it done. And I had never been told it could be.  

While I was still wrestling with what to do about the dream in my heart to preach, I was clear on one thing. Even if I wasn’t doing it in the church, I was born to lead. 

As long as I can remember, I've known that I was a leader. Although when I was younger, people just called me bossy!

I just kept asking God if there was someway that I could serve as a leader in the church.

My first ‘big kid job’ was at a prominent mega-church where I served as an Administrative Assistant for the Worship Arts department. Women were only allowed in certain roles there. So, I decided that I would be the best administrative assistant I could be. 

After 4 years there, God had been stirring my heart. I knew that had something else for me in ministry. So, totally freaked out, I left that role and took a bi-vocational role where as a worship leader. Sure, I worked another job but I was finally able to do more in ministry. I was still full of questions and wrestling with my calling, but it was then that God began to really open my eyes to the fact that He had more for me in ministry. 

While I wasn’t yet using the gift of preaching, (and was actually still unsure if I could preach as a women) I was able to begin leading teams and developing people. Wow! My heart came alive. 

About a year later, I clearly remember a conversation with a pastor. I’ll spare you the details, but he said to me “you’re a church planter”. 

Frankly, I had never thought about the fact that churches were ‘planted’ or that they needed to be. 

This one conversation started a long journey of prayer and exploration. It also started a long process with my understanding the call on my life; how God had made me, gifted me and how I could uniquely serve and lead in His Church. 

Soon after, I resigned my job, said goodbye to my family and friends and moved halfway across the country to attend seminary. 

After school, I was too scared to dive into full-time ministry. I know, you make that investment of time and money… to chicken out? I guess so. So, I accepted a job running a small business incubator. Which, thankfully is another passion of mine, and that season has provided some incredible sermon illustrations over the years. 

But, you probably know the feeling of God nagging at your heart. As much as I love small businesses, I knew God was calling me to His Church. So finally, I got sick of running from the call in my life and accepted God’s invitation to full-time pastoring and joined a staff as a Discipleship Pastor and eventually moved to a new city to do a parachute church plant. 

Now, I’m in a new role. I still lead, encourage and teach. But, I do it online, through speaking at events and creating content to encourage and raise up others in ministry. 

Although I love serving the whole body of Christ, I’m especially passionate about helping women grow as disciples and as leaders in their calling. I remember wondering where the women were when I was early in ministry. Every book, podcast, mentor I could find was a guy. While I love my brothers who are in ministry; women need to be part of the conversation too. And sometimes, we need a special conversation and resources that are tailored to us. So, girl… I’ve got you 🙂 


Let me be the first to say... I have learned a lot over the years. Sure, I've learned from books, professors and mentors. But, mostly I've learned from real life wins and losses. I've learned the good and the bad of life in ministry.


I’ve been told time and time again to pack my bags and go home… all because I’m a women. I’ve been told that God will never use me by a Pastor I had faithfully served under. I have been lied to and excluded by fellow ministry leaders. There are plenty of times that I’ve been challenged on my theology. But I’ve also seen God supernaturally lead non-believers to Himself through my obedience. He’s allowed me to raise up disciples from new believer to multiplying believers. By His grace, I have led teams that make significant differences in the community. I have sought to daily surrender my life to Christ. And I have seen Him use that, time and time again. 


So, I teach what I know and use what I've learned to encourage, resource and support you.

These days, I spend the majority of my time working with church leaders and every day followers of Jesus who want to make an impact with their life and I create resources to help Women in ministry leadership to grow and to develop multiplying movements of disciples.



My husband, Austin and I . We currently live and serve in vocational ministry in Oklahoma.

You don’t have to feel alone in Church leadership. Because you’re not. Girl, I get it. Ministry can be lonely. And being a women in ministry brings its own unique challenges. 

But you need a tribe. You need encouragement, support and training. And that’s why I’m here. 

I’m here for you. And more importantly, God is here for you. 

He has called you for a purpose and through each step of obedience, He will teach you and shape you. He will lead you as long as you’re willing to follow. And down the road, you’ll look back and your mind will be blown by the faithfulness of God. Your vision will be expanded and your willingness to follow Him wherever He leads will be one of your greatest joys! 

Now, some fun stuff about me:

  • I love dresses and big jewelry.
  • Give me all the coffee… with lots of cream! 
  • I truly love consulting with churches to create effective discipleship processes
  • I’m a total school nerd and have M.B.A. from Cornerstone University and an M.Div with a specialization in Church Planting from Asbury Theological Seminary
  • I’m an ordained minister with The Wesleyan Church
  • Austin and I have a Dog, Monty. He’s the best.