Christian leaders reach out for coaching when they want to work through things like:

Lead your ministry into the future by clarifying your mission, vision and values.

Build a healthy, high functioning team.

Multiply your impact by expanding your reach and growing your ministry.

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Discover your next step to thrive as a leader and see if coaching is right for you.

Personalized Coaching to Help You Thrive

The Jesus Leader Coaching will spark your leadership, ignite your drive and
explode your ministry to flourish.

Leading a ministry is not a linear journey. 

Therefore, The Jesus Leader Coaching is personalized to your unique situation. 

"Working with Andrea has been so helpful. In each session, I get practical feedback and action steps when we talk. As a result, I'm so much more confident and less overwhelmed. As I've gotten stronger in my leadership, I've seen God some amazing things in the ministry where I lead."
Angela P.
Local Church Pastor

I help leaders thrive.

I'd like to hear your heart and share more about mine- and what what you can expect to get out of
The Jesus Leader Coaching process.

The Jesus Leader Coaching is designed to help you grow as a leader, and to grow your ministry.
It's customized to your specific setting and ministry context through one-on-one coaching.

The Jesus Leader Coaching will guide you through specific steps to help you take the ministry that God has set before you and actually see fruit.

You'll go from feeling stuck,
overwhelmed and isolated to
truly thriving, seeing fruit and confident as you move forward.

All of this, without getting burnt out.

Who Am I?

I’m Andrea. I’ve been a pastor for nearly 15 years where I’ve helped countless leaders through their own leadership and discipleship challenges. I work with women in ministry because I’ve faced many of the challenges you’re facing right now. And through them, I’ve learned so much. It’s my joy to guide and encourage leaders like you to be able to successfully navigate your ministry leadership challenges and come out stronger and more effective. 

In addition to years of pastoral ministry experience, I hold an Masters of Divinity with a specialization in Church Planting and a Masters of Science in Business Management from. I serve as an Adjunct Faculty member where I teach at the college level in the areas of ministry and business leadership. 

Here's What Others Have Asked

That’s great. My process is laid out so I guide you every step of the way. Throughout your coaching, everything will be tailored to you. We’ll go at your pace and set goals that apply to the specific vision that God has given you.  

The Jesus Leader Coaching is designed so that you can sign up for monthly coaching or 6 months coaching. These two packages can be stacked how ever it will suite you best. 

That’s okay. This coaching experience is designed to help you grow as a follower of Jesus and leader wherever you currently are in life. Although most participants are leading in the local church or para-church ministry, you don’t have to be. 

You can reach out via email and we’ll happily respond to your questions.

You may schedule a FREE 30 minute clarity coaching call. During that time, you can ask questions about the Academy. 

The Jesus Leader exists to help you excel in your calling and maker an eternal impact.