Have you ever gotten a vision of what God has called
you to, but you aren't quite sure how to get from
where you are to where you wanna be?

Even though you’ve spent hours and hours in prayer, 

you still feel stuck. 


You have a clear vision in your mind of where God has called you, but you just can’t seem to figure out the steps of how to bring that vision of life.

You spend dozens of hours in bible reading and prayer but you don’t know how to put your faith into action and actually lead others to grow in their faith too.

While you have years of leadership experience, you lack the experienced mentors who can help you scale your influence so that you live into the fullness of what God has for you.

You've tried to grow your leadership and live out your calling, and in the end, you know that you need more resources and mentoring in order to get from where you are to where you're called to be.

So tell me, are you...

  • Eager to stop wasting time scrounging for resources to help you grow as a leader only to find that they don’t address the issues you’re facing
  • Willing to take intentional steps and commit to seeing your vision brought to life 
  • Ready to stop feeling like you have to fight for your leadership role, grow your confidence and increase your impact


Feeling relieved knowing that you’ve got the tools and encouragement to map out the steps to get from here to there.

Confidently building and leading your teams to carry out a movement that will last beyond your life.

Renewed passion and excitement to grow as a follower of Jesus and invite others to also grow.

Because of all the information given and, the great discussion time reviewing each weeks material has allowed me to take real steps toward growth and change. I feel like I’ve truly grown in knowledge as well as growing closer with the Lord. I’ve loved your heart and passion for my growth and calling. Andrea is very informative and opened to other people’s opinions. I’ve looked forward to our coaching time together. So thankful for all your work that you put into it and the encouragement you’ve given me. I’m seeing real changes in my life. Thank you again!

-Ashley D.

Introducing The Jesus Leader Coaching Experience

A coaching experience to help you get clarity and cohesion with your vision, create an action plan to take practical steps to grow and get over the roadblocks that have held you back in your leadership and calling. 

The whole heart of The Jesus Leader is to resource women as they take the obedient and shaky steps forward into what they’re made for. 

Through one-on-one coaching, you get to meet with the founder of The Jesus Leader, Rev. Andrea Shaull to get your questions answered, have an experienced mentor cheering you on, work through your hopes and fears to take actionable steps into the things God has called you to. 

For years, Andrea has been using one-on-one coaching to help women get from feeling stuck to making faith-fueled strategic moves toward the things they’re most passionate about. If you crage in-depth and personalized encouragement, check out The Jesus Leader Coaching Experience. 


Customized Leadership Assessment

Discover your current strengths and growth areas as a leader. We dive into these key foundations in order to know how best to move you toward your goals.

One-On-One Vision Clarity Coaching

Walk through a system to gain clarity on your vision. This process is totally customized to where you are, so weather you vision feels clear or foggy, this will help you lead with confidence.

Customized Ministry Action Plan

I’ll guide you in crafting and implementing an action plan to strategically move you forward. It’s a process that you’ll be able to repeat each time you set new goals. 

Real-Time Problem Solving

You’ll have coaching as you’re walking through leadership challenges to champion you, problem solve and provide fresh insight and expertise. 



Fill out the contact form and we’ll get to work on scheduling your first coaching call. You can select from 4, 8 or 12 sessions depending on your goals and budget.


When your start date arrives we get to work and your coaching experience begins. I partner with you throughout the whole process in our one-on-one video coaching calls.


As we progress, everything is customized to your goals and strengths. At our coaching calls, you’ll receive weekly assignments to practically and strategically move the ball forward. 

I didn’t know how to move forward. Frankly, as a women in ministry, I felt like my peers were getting mentoring and I was spinning my wheels, facing unique challenges they they didn’t have. I had a feeling of what God wanted to do through me, but I didn’t have anyone to process that vision with in order to gain clarity. Working with Andrea through this coaching process has given me wise council to talk to, gain clarity, a practical process to set and achieve goals to move me forward. Now, I feel like I’m really living out what God has called me to and leading people around me to do the same.

-Jessica P.

You can choose between three options for what will fit your goals and budget.

I work with clients on a first come, first serve basis and spaces are limited, so act quickly. I look forward to helping you grow! – Andrea

Who am I?

I’m Andrea. I’ve been a pastor for nearly 15 years where I’ve helped countless leaders through their own leadership and discipleship challenges. I work with women in ministry because I’ve faced many of the challenges you’re facing right now. And through them, I’ve learned so much. It’s my joy to guide and encourage leaders like you to be able to successfully navigate your ministry leadership challenges and come out stronger and more effective. 

In addition to years of pastoral ministry experience, I hold an Masters of Divinity with a specialization in Church Planting from Asbury Theological Seminary and a Masters of Science in Business Management from Cornerstone University. I serve as an Adjunct Faculty member at Oklahoma Wesleyan University where I teach in the areas of ministry and business leadership. 

Here's What Others Have Asked

That’s great. My process is laid out so I guide you every step of the way from our first call to sending you out from your coaching experience with confidence. I stay in close contact with you throughout the whole process as to relieve overwhelm and stress, giving you confidence that will last for the rest of your ministry. 

You can select between 4,8 and 12 coaching sessions. We’ll schedule to fit your calendar and each call lasts one hour. 

You’re time and participation are key, but coaching is designed to fit into your current leadership context. You’ll have assignments to help you grow between coaching calls, but they are designed to be practices you can implement while you’re leading as opposed to taking time away from your leading. 

That’s okay. The Jesus Leader Coaching Experience is designed to help you grow as a follower of Jesus and leader wherever you currently are in life. This process will help you clarify your vision and take steps forward, no matter where you’re staring from. 

You can reach out via email and we’ll happily respond to your questions. thejesusleader@gmail.com

The Jesus Leader exists to help you deepen your relationship with Jesus in order to elevate your leadership and multiply your impact.

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