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You know you want to grow in your ministry leadership, but you’re just not quite sure as to where to start. Or maybe you’re leading a ministry and feel like you’ve hit a dry spell and are struggling to gain traction and make consistent impact and lasting growth?

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The Jesus Leader Academy

Are you tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to ministry?

This coaching experience is designed to help you accelerate your ministry leadership.

This coaching program will spark your leadership, ignite your drive and
explode your ministry to flourish.

Leading a ministry is not a linear journey. 

Therefore, The Jesus Leader Academy is personalized to your unique situation. 

You're ready to launch your ministry... yesterday.

You've watched countless tutorials, you've listened to dozens of podcasts, you've read numerous blogs, but you still aren't seeing the flourishing ministry that you feel that God has called you to?

The Jesus Leader Academy will help you piece everything together and grow as a leader.

As a woman, you already have a full schedule. Are you working a full-time job on top of leading in ministry? Do you feel like there just isn't enough time in the day?
We won't wast your time. Within twelve months (or less!) The Jesus Leader Academy will teach you exactly how to get clarity, take action and lead a thriving, multiplying ministry.

You're already leading in a budding ministry and can't afford to waste your time.

You're leading in an established ministry, but you feel stuck and you aren't seeing the fruit you want.

We're proud of you already- you've taken the initial steps toward pursuing the things God has called you to. But now, things have slowed down and ministry isn't growing as desired. You've tried everything: freebies, offers, posts. Yet nothing has come to fruition.
The Jesus Leader Academy will help you convert your hard work to tangible success without burning out. You'll get to see and experience the thriving, fruitful and multiplying ministry that you're called to.

You've written your mission statement, you've pinned a vision board, you've set your mind to it, but how do you actually capture the things that you feel called to... especially when it feels like no one has done it before. Not only will The Jesus Leader Academy help you flesh out your ministry vision, but it will ensure that you're on the most fruitful path and learn how to confidently take the right steps forward.

You're on a mission.
You know where God has called you, but you don't see the path to get there.

Want to know more?

The Jesus Leader Academy is designed to help you grow as a leader, and to grow your ministry.
It's customized to your specific setting and ministry context through one-on-one coaching.

The Jesus Leader Academy will guide you through specific steps to help you take the ministry that God has set before you and actually see fruit.

You'll go from feeling stuck,
overwhelmed and isolated to
truly thriving, seeing fruit and confident as you move forward.

All of this, without getting burnt out.

Who Am I?

I’m Andrea. I’ve been a pastor for nearly 15 years where I’ve helped countless leaders through their own leadership and discipleship challenges. I work with women in ministry because I’ve faced many of the challenges you’re facing right now. And through them, I’ve learned so much. It’s my joy to guide and encourage leaders like you to be able to successfully navigate your ministry leadership challenges and come out stronger and more effective. 

In addition to years of pastoral ministry experience, I hold an Masters of Divinity with a specialization in Church Planting from Asbury Theological Seminary and a Masters of Science in Business Management from Cornerstone University. I serve as an Adjunct Faculty member at Oklahoma Wesleyan University where I teach in the areas of ministry and business leadership. 

Here's What Others Have Asked

That’s great. My process is laid out so I guide you every step of the way. Throughout your coaching, everything will be tailored to you. We’ll go at your pace and set goals that apply to the specific vision that God has given you.  

The Jesus Leader Academy is designed so that you can sign up for monthly coaching or 6 months coaching. These two packages can be stacked how ever it will suite you best. 

That’s okay. This coaching experience is designed to help you grow as a follower of Jesus and leader wherever you currently are in life. Although most participants are leading in the local church or para-church ministry, you don’t have to be. 

You can reach out via email and we’ll happily respond to your questions.

You may schedule a FREE 20 minute clarity coaching call. During that time, you can ask questions about the Academy. 

The Jesus Leader exists to help you excel in your calling and maker an eternal impact.